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Gabrielle Auad, with a Bachelor of Communication degree, started her career at Wunderman Thompson Brazil. Few years later, she moved to the film production area and specialized herself at the New York Film Academy Producing program.

At this moment, she is a partner and COO at MyMama Entertainment, a production company based in São Paulo that has been on the market for about nine years and is known for its national and international projects. Mymama has won the International Emmy Award for two years in a row and has produced more than 300 commercial ads for well known agencies and brands, conquering prizes at the main festivals such as Ciclope, D&AD, El Ojo, LIA, FIAP, CCSP, Profissionais do Ano, among others.

Currently, the production company represents the following talents line-up (directors and photographers): Kid Burro, Gabrielle’s partners in advertisement department, Roguan, Ariela Dorf, Caroline Lima, Urso Morto and Gabriel Novis.

At the Department of Entertainment, Gabrielle works together with her sister and partner Mayra Faour Auad, producing feature films, documentaries and series to the main broadcasters such as Netflix USA, Viacom, FOX, HBO Latin America and Youtube Originals.