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That feeling you get when you miss that last stair in the dark – that’s what Georg & his company PlayDis! aim to achieve with the music they make. Concerning the particulars, this excerpt from an interview published in Music Pro Magazine (2015 Spring/Summer Edition):

–>Interviewer: So, tell us what exactly is PlayDis!?
Woah- A provocative opening question, eh? I’m kidding. PlayDis! is an international music production company, founded by me [Georg], Felix Haaksman & Robin Hoffman in 2011.

–>My next question is why does PlayDis! have that exclamation mark at the end of it?

Uh- Well… I guess we thought it looked good. Plus, it added a touch of emphasis, you know, something visceral – at least that was the idea.

–>Got it. I think it works.
That’s good to hear.

–>I’m looking at your website, which is pretty cool by the way, and I see PlayDis! works with a lot of well known names, like Little Dragon, Jazzanova, Nina Kravitz and Mocky who produced all that Feist & Chilly Gonzales stuff.
Yeah, we’re proud of the talents we’re associated with but there are also quite a lot of unknown artists that we find interesting. Just that feeling we’re working with songwriters & performers & producers who are setting standards in their own genres. And getting them into film and advertising.

–>What’s Feist like?
What do you mean?

–>Like, is Feist nice?
I guess. She seems so. Never met her personally, we actually work with her producer, Mocky.

–>God, Feist really is hot, but like a good hot, you know, like an interesting hot… [No Response]… I see you work with brands like Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, BMW, Nike. How do you pick them?
They’re the client, they pick us.

–>Oh, right.
Of course, we’re proud of these recognizable associations, but it’s true, each of our collaborations is something special for us. Which is to say we bring as much focus & interest & passion to scoring an experimental film as we do to, say, a campaign for Vodafone or Hugo Boss or [interruption]-

–>Uh-huh, got it. So more personally: What’s your background? You have a slight accent, are you, like, British or something?
I’m German. But I did my BA at Goldsmiths in London – so that probably accounts for my regal tone.

–>Goldsmiths? What’s that?
It’s a university. But I learned this business the hard way, in the hallways and cubicles of MTV UK, Markenfilm & Trigger Happy Productions.

­–>Well our photographer asked me to thank you for your time. And, by the way, she told me you’re at least 15% younger looking than on your photograph.
Thank you.