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Julia Sourikoff heads up the virtual reality division of the award-winning commercial production company Tool. In her role she works alongside the company’s roster of visionary directors and talented producers by helping them to realize their full creative potential for storytelling in the sphere. She’s passionate about educating clients and colleagues on the latest hardware and technology trends, distribution strategies and best practices for cinematic and CGI VR. She’s been invited to share her insights and expertise on the industry at SXSW, AdAge Digital, Digital Hollywood, and other highly-regarded events.

Before joining Tool, Julia helped launch the annual Future of StoryTelling summit in New York, growing the company from a small start-up to an exclusive and oversubscribed thought-leadership event with an online presence of over half a million followers. At FoST, she specialized in content curation, partnership development, and experience design, working closely with the world’s leading brands, like American Express, General Electric, Google, Microsoft, and Time Warner. 

In 2015, Julia helped produce the internationally traveling exhibition “Sensory Stories”, which revealed how an emerging group of artists and studios are using innovative digital techniques to change the way audiences experience storytelling. Over 40,000 visitors saw the show, which premiered in New York at the Museum of the Moving Image and traveled to the acclaimed Phi Centre in Montreal.

Julia is the lead Creative Technologist on the television series Pink Box, a cyberpunk, psycho-sexual thriller created by Brandon Milbradt of HBO’s forthcoming Oryx and Crake series. She will oversee the series’ cross-platform media strategy and implementation of emerging technologies.

She has worked independently as a consultant for tech start-ups in the VR space, and as an organizer of events such as the VR salon “A Closer Look,” co-hosted by leadership from Oculus Story Studios, Tribeca Film Festival, and Sundance New Frontier.

In her free time, Julia serves on the steering committee for, a non-profit performing arts company that brings global issues affecting girls to center stage by empowering young women to tell their stories.