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Czar’s Head of Creative Content Levi Rijper began her career in 2011 in the commercial industry. Her ambition and drive led her to the role of Head of Production at the age of 23 at DPPLR, a creative production company based in Amsterdam. Being part of this production house, she produced several award-winning films and commercials although she soon realized her heart was truly in the creative side of the film industry.

Rijper’s next stop was Czar, where she was able to combine her background as Head of Production with her excellent organizational knowledge and strong network into the role as Head of Creative Content. At Czar, she commands the company’s creative services. Rijper built a new department outside of their usual commercial spectrum, adding music videos, (web)series, short films and branded content to their reel.
She has made it her mission to extend the company’s reach to more experimental and branded content which guides the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Rijper concentrates on what makes content genuinely impressive; content that is created with a passion for entertainment. She’s working hand-in-hand with all Czar’s directors – the young and curious to the established and seasoned – making sure to find the best director for the client’s vision resulting in visually engaging films with strong, signature Czar narrative.

Through Rijper’s keen creative eye, Czar’s roster has flourished in a reputation for developing young talents and being a collaborative creative community.

She has worked with brands such as Google, Amnesty International, Tommy Hilfiger, Airbnb and Asics. In 2019 she was a juror at Eurobest, Berlin Commercial Festival and Shots Awards.