Co-Owner & VFX Director


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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, co-founder/owner and VFX Director at CLAN VFX.

His professional capacity leads and motivates a dedicated and highly professional team; Neves harnesses his constant attention to detail for visual effects, television, and film. With almost two decades of experience in the visual computer graphics industry, his work has been awarded and nominated in shows such as The Latin Grammy and Whext.

As VFX Director he has worked with the most recognized agencies and directors, providing a deep insight into the foundation and the identity of brands, developing essential know-how and continuous and personalized growth with the clients. His commercials exhibit originality and personal artistic treatment with high technology applied in all stages, from pre-production to post-production.

After many years of working with prestigious brands and making amazing advertisements, in 2012 he created CLAN VFX with a partner. As a co-owner, Luciano believes that they can develop art with technology in a happy environment where teams can cooperate spontaneously, generating an internal awareness of an environment with creative and collaborative quality.

In 2019 Luciano received an invite to be an Academic Advisor from the best VFX University in South America call MELIES.