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Ari Evasio is a worldwide recognized film director with more than 20 years of experience and with more than 45 awards, including London International Festival, Cannes LionsClio AwardsFIAPCICLOPE, and many more. He has worked in over 150 commercials and music videos seen by millions of consumers.

Having won the Converse All Stars Content Best Director award before graduating, he started directing music videos and received the Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Video of the Year during his first year as a director. In 2006, he became involved in advertising and worked with first-rate agencies and clients such as Volkswagen, BudweiserTelefonicaKFC, Kimberly Clarke, Converse All Stars, P&G, Coca Cola and Unilever. Currently, he is represented in several countries such as United States, France, Italy, China, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.

Throughout his career, he specialized in filming with celebrities from all around the world. Actors, singers, athletes, musicians or any kind of celebrity the project required. In 2021, Ari Evasio opened his own production company, which expanded to 4 cities in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Spain. His production company won in 2023 an award for Best Production Company of Ibero America.

Ari has a unique talent and special eye for creating original pieces with commercial appeal and beautiful cinematic images. He always tries to include new technology and new ways of filming, bringing disruptiveness and innovation in the advertising industry.