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about the jury

Lisandro Ramos is a pioneering art-tech entrepreneur. With a degree in Economics and extensive experience in the audiovisual industry, Lisandro co-founded Mama Hungara, a leading company driving innovation in the audiovisual landscape.

The Mama Hungara team has earned international recognition and prestigious awards. Their work has premiered at renowned  events like the San Sebastián Film FestivalTribeca Film FestivalCiclope, and Berlin Commercial Awards. They also secured two Cannes Lions, as well as awards from the Círculo de Creatividad Argentina DienteLatin GrammysLos Angeles Fashion Film Festival, and Paris Fashion Week.

Fueled by an unyielding passion for innovation and new technologies, Lisandro Ramos consistently delivers groundbreaking projects. Through collaboration, continuous learning, and a drive to create lasting impact, Lisandro fearlessly pushes the boundaries in the industry.