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Rosa Elena Arizmendi is the current Head of Production at Ogilvy Mexico & Miami, assigning, supervising and producing for all Ogilvy brands, highlighting efficiency and craftsmanship in deliveries at all project levels. In her own words: “In Ogilvy, we like to work beautifully”.

Rosa Elena Arizmendi started her career in 1993 with her own CGI business, with clients including PRI, L’OrealCoca-Cola, among others.

From 1999 to early 2000, she has collaborated in the Comisión Nacional de Filmaciones Mexico as a location manager assistant. During that time, she got in touch with national and international producers by supporting and promoting the Mexican film industry through different locations in the country. It was, without a doubt, an extraordinary platform that helped her understand the relevance of audiovisual production as an industry and everything that it represents.

From 2000 to 2003 she began working at Z Film, which at that time was being run by Alejandro G. Iñarritu. At Z Film, she participated in commercials, either for national or international brands as a Production Coordinator, working with directors like Armando BoAndy FogwillOliver CastroToño Urrutia and Ángel Gracia. Some of the brands she worked with include Miller LightCoca-ColaSabritasCoors Light, Cadbury Adams, among others.

In 2003 she moved to the agency side, where she started working inside the production department of McCann Ericsson. There, she worked for over a year as a producer for Coca-Cola. Afterwards, she started producing for other local and regional brands inside the same agency like Master CardL’OrealMarínelaMax AirCloretsNestlé, TecateGeneral MotorsUnileverIntel and CPW.

From 2016 to 2019, she collaborated with Hogarth for the joint venture between Ogilvy & Hogarth, strengthening the success between both sister companies from WPP. It was vital for her to understand the need from both parties and generate trust, in what became a great challenge. Inside Ogilvy & Hogarth, she ventured more into the advertising industry. The achievements from this period can be reflected in her efficient work and the demands in quality of the deliverables and production processes, all to achieve the business goals and increase the income inside the JV.

Recently, the level of production in Ogilvy made it the winner of Agency of the Year at CICLOPE Latino 2023, a regional festival that’s mostly recognized for highlighting the best work in terms of craft.

Rosa Elena Arizmendi loves producing and likes to make things happen. She loves the challenges that come with trying to make great ideas and productions come to life.