Adriano Costa is the founding partner of the post-production studio WarriorsVFX and, such as a maestro who conducts an orchestra, he is the one who conducts the different stages of the projects (from budget to full execution and post-production), while he manages the studio’s relationship with the different audiences involved in the work accomplishment: from clients and creatives to the internal team and suppliers. His organization and commitment to meeting deadlines are typical of a virgo zodiac sign person at full power.

Bearer of a Bachelor’s Degree in Publicity and Advertising, he began his career at Adag Publicidade as a RTVC producer in 1998. He also worked for F/Nazca, where held the position of senior executive of RTVC. In addition, he was executive producer at Stink and at Clan VFX.

The decision to undertake and create WarriorsVFX came in 2016, when he realized that he could work closely with agencies and clients to create post-production solutions focused on composition, 3D, and color correction. In addition to a series of processes applied to real images and created by computing, the studio has a lean and collaborative operating model.

Such a great diligence has already yielded international recognition. Among other awards, he received the Clio Awards 2021 for post-production and visual effects of the film “Tribute”, from The Bloc and The Youth for Doctor’s Day; the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival 2020, for the visual effects of the music video “The Immediate Love” by Johnny Franco; and the Bronze Lion at Cannes 2018, for the “Help-Cliff” campaign by Athosgls.

From his most recent works executed arises the global campaign referred to as “Invisible Businesses”, from Meta to Facebook App; in addition to films for Nescau, Netflix, and Uber.

When he is not playing sports with his son, he likes to binge-watch series on streaming.