We are very proud to announce the winners for CICLOPE Latino.

After two rounds of judging, in which the Executive Jury discussed the winning entries, top producers and creatives chose the most well-crafted commercials, short films and music videos in the LATAM region.

The jury awarded one Grand Prix, which went to Cancer Before Cancer for Fundación Peruana de Cáncer, produced by Rebeca, directed by Roddy Dextre, cinematography by Julián Amaru Estrada and music by Agosto.

Based on CICLOPE Latino’s points system where all credited companies receive 1 (one) point for a finalist submission, 3 (three) points for an awarded entry and 7 (seven) points for a Grand Prix, CICLOPE Latino also delivered special awards to:

  • Production Company of the Year: PRIMO
  • Agency of the Year: PUBLICIS
  • Director of the Year: NICO PÉREZ VEIGA and RODDY DEXTRE

Below is the complete list of winners. Congratulations to all!

CICLOPE Latino Winners | 2024


Winners and finalists can download their laurels here.

For credits updates or correction requests, please email awards@ciclopefestival.com. See you next year!