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Melanie Anton Def is a talented director and production designer, who recently joined the roster at Casta Diva. Throughout her career, she has left a significant footprint in the audiovisual industry and has gained the recognition of both critics and artists alike.

Some of the highlights of her career (so far) have been:

Collaborating with renowned artists: Melanie has been the go-to director and production designer of some of the most recognized Latin American artists like Miranda!DukiEmiliaTiniBad BunnyPaulo Londra, Bizarrap and Maria Becerra. Her ability to capture the essence of the music and visually translate it to the screen has turned her into an influential figure of the industry.

Being the Production Designer of La Piedad: Melanie had a crucial role as the art director and set designer of the feature film La Piedad, directed by Eduardo Casanova. The film was nominated for Best Production Design at the Premios GOYA 2023, which shows her talent and creative vision.

Serving as a reference in Production Design: At just 29 years old, Melanie has positioned herself as a reference in the production design field. Today’s most viewed, liked and anticipated music videos go through her critical eye. Her meticulous approach and capacity to create unique visual worlds is admired by the artistic community.

Recent recognitions: Her last work as a director was the music video series she made for Hotel Miranda!, consisting of 11 different projects, which got not one but two Video Prisma Awards 2023 for Best Long Form Project and Best Production Design.

Melanie Anton Def is an ever-evolving creative workforce, and her continuous contribution to the film and music industries is leaving an indelible mark.