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Join us at the venue for a warm up cocktail before the big event!

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Doors open at 13:30 pm (but guests can check-in at any time)

Check in and meet old and new friends over a cup of coffee. Just show your ticket in the front desk and get your wristband and lanyard to access the festival.

If you have any doubts, email us at awards@ciclopefestival.com

Join us for yet another special screening of our Gold winners in the Production and Post-Production sections, along with our Grand Prix winners from CICLOPE Festival 2023.

Join MugShot’s Co-Founders, Gilvana Viana and Arthur Abrami, along with some special guests, as they switch the focus from the machine to the person behind it, at a time where AI is starting to impact in the music and sound industry, and follow them as they discuss how human creativity, observation, and descriptive abilities can enhance the use of new tools and elevate sound productions to a new level.

Following with Berlin’s Building a Director panel, Thomas Amoedo, Executive Producer at LANDIA, Daniel Bergmann, Global President at Stink Films, and Rejane Bicca, Executive Producer at O2 Filmes will discuss their respective approach to ensure that talented directors fulfill their potential. This talk will be moderated by Karan Novas.

Coffee and networking.

What is the secret of a fruitful creative partnership? Join Rafael Urenha, from Galeria, as they explain how brands and ad agencies can push each other to break barriers and to nurture their creative relationship.

Join Emmanuel Adjei as he walks the audience through his own explorations of spirituality in his filmography, going through some of his works with artists like ZendayaBeyoncéWillow Smith and FKA twigs.

Join us at the venue for a warm up cocktail before the big event!

Unveiling the best works of the year in Latin America, selected by our Executive Jury formed by professionals from all over the region, we welcome all attendees to celebrate the beauty of craft at CICLOPE Latino’s 2024 Awards Ceremony. Enjoy!