about the speaker

Arthur Abrami is a music producer, entrepreneur and sound enthusiast. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work with some of the top artists in Brazil and is one of the most sought after curators by national and international brands. Co-founder of the creative studio MugShot and the music sync platform Punks S/A, he is a pioneer in licensing music from independent artists for audiovisual productions. As a major contributor to one of the largest independent music catalogs in the world, Arthur is responsible for thousand placements in shows for GloboHBO, Netflix, MTV and many others.

Arthur is also the director of the critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning original Spotify podcast Mano a Mano, hosted by Mano Brown, and the creator of a set of unique projects that focus on music, sound and social change.

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Join MugShot’s Co-Founders, Gilvana Viana and Arthur Abrami, along with some special guests, as they switch the focus from the machine to the person behind it, at a time where AI is starting to impact in the music and sound industry, and follow them as they discuss how human creativity, observation, and descriptive abilities can enhance the use of new tools and elevate sound productions to a new level.