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    Stink Films

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    Founder & President

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    March 27th 16:00

about the speaker

Daniel Bergmann is the Founder and President of the multi-award winning production company, Stink, where he has been at the forefront of creativity, innovation and talent building for more than twenty years.

Stink represents a roster of world-class talent working with agencies and brands to create commercial, digital and original work that resonates on a cultural level.

A visionary with a knack for transforming daring ideas into reality, Daniel has collaborated, discovered and helped to develop the careers of some of art, film and advertising’s most exceptional directors, artists and personalities.

Prior to Stink, Daniel’s career started in the Prague punk and underground scene with strong connection to the dissident movement and the independent art world. He continued championing the arts by funding galleries, theaters and music venues while working as a philanthropist across Europe and the US. His early production experience saw him working with prolific talent such as Jonathan GlazerRidley and Jake ScottLeslie DektorFran BudgenFredrik Bond and Tony Kaye; a journey which has been described by Forbes as “breathtaking” and “fascinating”.

Beyond Forbes, Daniel has been endorsed by major trade publications and prestigious organizations such as Creative Review and Cannes Lions. He is a member of D&AD, The One Club for CreativityAICP and The Television Academy, where he plays an active role in the industry, regularly participating on jury panels and supporting initiatives that provide access.



at ciclope

Following with Berlin’s Building a Director panel, Thomas Amoedo, Executive Producer at LANDIA, Daniel Bergmann, Global President at Stink Films, and Rejane Bicca, Executive Producer at O2 Filmes will discuss their respective approach to ensure that talented directors fulfill their potential. This talk will be moderated by Karan Novas.