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Gilvana Viana has a leadership role in her career journey that seeks more representation and pretx protagonist. Born in the interior of Bahia and specialized in Marketing, the economist has worked in the commercial areas of image producers, until migrating to the area of music production, starting her own business. Today she is CEO of Punks S/A (provider and licensor of musical content recognized as the largest independent music showcase in the world) and MugShot (producer and creative music studio that elevates the authenticity of soundtracks for artists and brands). Gilvana is also co-creator and executive producer of the podcast Mano a Mano, as well as co-founder of the platform focused on black culture Casa Black. She is a judge for the São Paulo Creation Club Yearbook, winner of awards such as the Istanbul Film FestivalCannes FestivalCreation ClubEl Ojo de Iberoamerica and London International Awards, among others.

at ciclope

Join MugShot’s Co-Founders, Gilvana Viana and Arthur Abrami, along with some special guests, as they switch the focus from the machine to the person behind it, at a time where AI is starting to impact in the music and sound industry, and follow them as they discuss how human creativity, observation, and descriptive abilities can enhance the use of new tools and elevate sound productions to a new level.