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Alejandro Noriega is a Peruvian producer and businessman, with over twenty five years in the audiovisual business. He studied at Instituto Peruano de Publicidad (IPP) and have a Master in Marketing and Commercial Direction in Cesma (Madrid).

He is the Founding Partner and Executive Producer in companies that made difference in Peruvian business. In 2012 he founded Rebeca Productions, matrix of two major production companies: Santiago, focused on branded content and audiovisual production and Shoot Peru, dedicated to services of audiovisual production from Peru to the world.

Rebeca maintains strategic contacts worldwide and it’s part of Production Service Network, an experience business network in provision of audiovisual services in more than 80 countries.

In 2011, he was elected as president of the jury of audiovisual production techniques of FIAP, being the first Peruvian to preside over a jury at an international festival.

He has received more than a hundred international awards in support of his trajectory, including Cannes LionsFIAP, El Ojo de IberoaméricaLondon International AwardsCLIO, The New York FestivalThe One ShowEl Sol, etc.

In the film industry, in addition of being selected in the most important festivals in the world, Alejandro can highlight the production of El Silencio del Río, a short film that, after winning in twenty two festival, was pre-nominated at the Oscars in 2021.

Alejandro is a teacher and leader in his guild. In 2007 he was nominated for President of the Association of Advertising Film Producers of Peru (APCPP), where it was possible to manage the reactivation of the audiovisual production in the context of COVID-19.

Recently, Rebeca was awarded Best Production Company in Peru (2023) in El Ojo de Iberoamerica Festival, as well as in the Premio Ideas, an important award for local advertising in Peru.