Program 2024

Doors open at 13:30 pm (but guests can check-in at any time)

Check in and meet old and new friends over a cup of coffee. Just show your ticket in the front desk and get your wristband and lanyard to access the festival.

If you have any doubts, email us at

Join us for a special screening of our Gold winners in the IdeaAnimationSound & Music, Music Video and Special sections from CICLOPE Festival 2023.

In this session, João Machado and Eduardo Lubiazi will dive into three recent animation projects they developed as The Youth Colossal to explain how collaboration and combining different techniques and ideas can nurture creativity and result in outstanding film craft.

Vellas (Saigon) and Nicolás Perez Veiga (Primo), two of the most acclaimed and awarded directors in Latin America, will jump into stage at CICLOPE Latino to shed light on their creative processes and have a frank conversation moderated by Patricia Gaglioni, Head of Integrated Production at Wieden+Kennedy. Join us to hear about fears, competition, inspiration, success and the best-kept secrets of the industry.

Coffee and networking.

Premiered at Cannes Film Festival last year, Nada de todo esto is a captivating short film directed by Patricio Martínez and Francisco Cantón, part of Argentine collective Pantera. Join us for an exclusive screening followed up by a live Q&A with the directors.

From 18:45 to 22:30, join us for a session of drinks and networking at Galeria offices in Rua Mourato Coelho 1404 – 5° Andar.